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Why do I need a Personal Health Record?

Imagine you are enjoying a vacation when you suddenly experience health complications. Being away from home, it is almost impossible to quickly and accurately provide vital medical information to the local healthcare providers. This scenario is real.

A personal healthcare record (PHR) solves this problem by centralizing all your vital health information in a secure, digital document that is easily accessible to you and your authorized healthcare providers anytime, anywhere you are in the world.

What is myMediConnect?

myMediConnect is a personal health service company that helps you create, store and instantly access your personal healthcare records through a convenient and secure online portal. Our unique MediConnect medical record retrieval service does the work of retrieving your healthcare records for you. We contact your doctor, organize and digitize your healthcare records then upload them into your own secure myMediConnect account. Safe, simple and HIPAA-compliant.

What makes myMediConnect unique?

myMediConnect's award-winning online service distinguishes itself from others by also helping you create personalized medical reminder messages, securely communicate with your doctors, track your health and fitness and receive trusted answers to all your medical questions.