MediCare Integration with myMediConnect

Medicare Beneficiaries: Receive Your Personal Health Record (PHR) Absolutely FREE!
myMediConnect was selected by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to assist Medicare beneficiaries in Arizona and Utah organize and maintain their medical records electronically. Because of that relationship, when you sign up for your FREE myMediConnect PHR, we will import up to two years of your Medicare claims data directly into your secured account to help you get started tracking your medical history.  This FREE import includes:

  • - Medical providers you’ve seen
  • - A history of your medical visits and dates of treatment
  • - Your medical conditions and diagnoses

- Any procedures performed

Secure, Online and Accessible Anytime, Anywhere
This FREE import is a great way to jump start your PHR by helping you gather and maintain all your medical information in one secure, online and easily accessible account that you, and you alone control.  Your myMediConnect PHR is very easy to read and understand, and includes the following information:

Personal Health Record

Plus, it will even define complex medical terms for you simply by placing your mouse on the term in question. It’s simple, easy and very user friendly.

Services Overview

myMediConnect provides many services that make all of your health records securely available online, accessible anytime and anywhere. A myMediConnect account includes all of the following offerings:

Personal Health RecordPersonal Health Record
myMediConnect’s award-winning software helps you create your own Personal Health Record (PHR) so all of your medical records are made securely available online, anytime, anywhere.
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MediConnect Record Retrieval
MediConnect is a simple cost-effective way to retrieve your medical records from doctors, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies and not be bothered with all the "legwork."
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Safety Deposit BoxSafety Deposit Box

Safety Deposit Box is a convenient way to safely store your personal health record as well as digital copies of all your important life documents. Then, you can easily download, view and print them whenever you need, anywhere in the world.
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MyRemindeRx lets you record and send personalized telephone messages to remind you or your loved ones to take medications, monitor vital medical statistics like blood glucose, attend doctor appointments, and much more.
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Doctor ConnectorDoctor Connector

Doctor Connector makes it easy to securely share your personal medical history with your doctors with just the click of your mouse. They will see only what you authorize them to see. You can deliver the invitation to your doctor by fax or in person at your next appointment.
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Wellness TrackerWellness Tracker
Wellness Tracker helps you accomplish your fitness goals by creating a customized plan of good nutrition, exercise and tracking important health statistics like blood glucose, blood pressure and weight. You can choose to share this data electronically with your doctor to help him/her monitor your health.
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Health Savings AccountHealth Savings
Health Savings helps myMediConnect members save up to 75% off many FDA-approved medications. Plus, it provides a wealth of information for cutting health insurance costs with health savings accounts (HSAs), saving money and adding years to your life by quitting smoking, and calculating your daily caloric intake requirements so you meet your personal weight goals.
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Education CenterEducation Center
Health Education Center provides professional web-based healthcare information and answers from medical experts from Harvard Medical School as well as other trusted sources to questions that are personalized for you and your family.
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