MediConnect: Retrieve your personal medical records qucikly, securley

MediConnect Record Retrieval

MediConnect makes it simple and easy to gather digital copies of your actual medical records and store them securely in your myMediConnect Safety Deposit Box. This allows you to view a complete list of all your medical records from various clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies in one convenient location.

Simply fill out our online medical record request and HIPAA release form and a MediConnect retrieval specialist will contact your doctor, pharmacist, clinic, or hospital directly to request copies of your medical records on your behalf. After retrieving your records, MediConnect will organize, digitize, and upload your records directly to your myMediConnect account. You can relax and be assured your records are being safely handled by the premier medical record retrieval company in the world.

MediConnect Services

MediConnect Services are available to myMediConnect members in two ways:

Medical Records

For just $29.95* per request, your MediConnect retrieval specialist will contact your healthcare provider to collect, organize, digitize and upload your medical records directly into your secure myMediConnect account.

myMediConnect's eRadiology Room

For a fee of $39.95* per request, your MediConnect retrieval specialist will collect, organize and digitize your X-ray, MRI or CAT scan images and upload them into your private myMediConnect eRadiology Room. Here you can share these diagnostic-quality images with your doctors by giving them authorized access to see only the specific records you want them to see.

*Provider Copying Fee

Although your medical records belong to you, the law does allow for providers to charge a reasonable fee to cover the cost of copying your records, typically ranging from $0.50 to $1.00 per page. To cover this cost, MediConnect includes a $45 pass through charge per request. If, due to the size and/or number of medical records being retrieved, the provider copying fee exceeds $45; your record retrieval specialist will contact you directly for authorization to proceed.

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