myRemindeRx will remind you of your Doctor appointments and medications


Do you worry that you, your children or your aging parents or other loved ones may forget to take their medications or not remember the date and time of important doctor appointments?

Record and Send Personalized Reminders

MyRemindeRx is a unique tool that lets you send friendly automated telephone messages to you or your loved ones as reminders to:
- Take medications on time and in the proper dosage
- Monitor blood glucose
- Track blood pressure
- Follow through on physical therapy directives
- Remember the time and date of important doctor appointments or other medical events
- And much more

MyRemindeRx Preview

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Send a Message to Any Phone, Any Time

These messages are easily made and updated—record your own personalized message, or choose one that is computer-generated. They can be sent to anyone at any phone number in the United States, up to 6 times per day, at any hour of the day.

Peace of Mind

MyRemindeRx gives you peace of mind because it is a simple, convenient and even fun way to ensure you and those closest to you, stay on top of your healthcare regimens.


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